The 1986 murder of Connie Bibb, a senior at UT, haunts those who remember the nice, Christian girl.

Photo by Austin American-Statesman

The murder of newlywed Debra Reiding sends police on a four-decade hunt for a killer.

Credit: APD | KVUE

Who was Debra Reiding?

Who are the mysterious men who murdered Susan Wolfe in 1980— was it the work of a famous killer or someone hiding in plain sight?

Credit: CBS Austin

A vigilant witness gave police a lot of early clues.

The Life and Times of Norman Baker𑁋the inventor, radio host, and charlatan known for his cancer hospital in Eureka Springs.

Credit: The Crescent Hotel

Welcome to America’s Most Haunted Hotel.

The brutal murder of Haruka Weiser on the University of Texas at Austin campus.

Credit: KGW | Family Photo

On Tuesday, April 5th, two days after her disappearance, a body was found dead in Waller Creek, on campus.

Sarah and Silas Parks (Credit: The Lewiston Tribune)

The Brutal 2009 Murder of Sarah and Lilly Ann Parks

Dead to the world.

The unsolved murder of Carolyn Montgomery, a young, beautiful, single mother𑁋was it an accident or the work of a serial killer?


The deaths of Corinne and Jayne Peters shocked the sleepy suburb of Coppell, Texas.

Lyla Reese

True Crime — Freelance Writer

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